April 28th, 2007 - Viking Footwear

Stuart Davis’ June 24, 2002 show at The Point, Bryn Mawr, PA.
Recreating the feel of The Late Stuart Davis, which was about to be released. In fact the inner cover (not shown below, but included as part of the download of the front cover) includes the eulogy that Peppermint sent out to announce this leg of the tour. Art sources: Portrait of Stu is enlarged from the cover of TLSD, while the pattern behind him is a lotus flower imprinted on a 5th Century (BC) Persian Repousse bowl. I don’t know what “Repousse” is…probably some kind of soup. Maybe cereal. Anyhow, this cover came precariously close to Sarah McLaughlin territory but I think it veered off in time. P.S. Thanks to Kismet for the back cover concept. WALLPAPERS OF THE COVERS, SANS TEXT, ARE AVAILABLE TOO.

Stuart Davis’ December 2, 2000 show at Karl’s in Morris, MN.Remember that time when Stuart was driving through the desert and the devi Parvati (who represents One-ness) was hitch-hiking (apparently she was fed up, or wanted to be by herself for awhile, tired as she was of all the divisiveness in the world) and Stu picked her up and gave her a ride — and in so doing, brought some balance to the earth? Well me neither but I thought it might make a cute cover. This is the last cover with Stuart’s van in it, since he reports during this show that the transmission went. This is a front cover (with a fold) because the recording is only 1 cd in length so you could use a single slim case for it and you won’t need a back cover panel.

Stuart Davis’ June 19, 1999 show at the Mill in Iowa City.This live disc was originally titled “Eclipse” by someone and I don’t know why; there may be other cover art out there that explains it. For my cover I kept the title but went with a religious theme, even though it sounds like BS to me that Eve was to blame. Note that the fruit that Eve is holding up lines up with the temple. The back cover picture is from Stu’s visit to Iowa a year earlier, when he shaved some heads, including Jenny Lee’s. The pic was too good not to use somewhere, so I figured, it should at least be placed on the cover of another show in Iowa, at the least. This is a front cover (with a fold) because this set uses 3 cds, and if you’re like me you use those slim 3-disc holders which have no place for tray art.

Stuart Davis’ April 11, 1999 show at the Mill in Iowa City.

This is a front cover (with a fold) because this set uses 3 cds, and if you’re like me you use those slim 3-disc holders which have no place for tray art. When I saw the “air filled sculpture” by Lewis deSoto (a 26 foot long painted-fabric Reclining Buddha which inflates when a fan is turned on, and deflates when off), I was impressed. And I wanted to save the promo pics of it. So this cover art is essentially a convenience for myself; I can save the pics of deSota’s art while simultaneously clothing the punk-monk’s discs. The time frame is correct: this sculpture was created in 1999.

Older, less impressive boots by Z. (that’s me I’m allowed to insult myself =))
Okay, here we go, this is Dream Usher, a 13-track bootleg of Stuart’s November 19th performance at the Center of the Universe Coffee House in Northfield, Minnesota on November 19th, 1998. Includes such non-album gems as Eight Days in the Lotus, Even the Devil is God, Imminence, Only Echoes (listed as Untitled, no not that Untitled, and Transpersonal Cowboy.
This is the last one that I finished, entitled Only Echoes culled from the ever so cool annual Escape the Relatives Holiday concert. It presents several songs that have gone unplayed for years as well as some new stuff and the usual assortment of wondrous bits.

8 responses to “Viking Footwear”

  1. Mike Spink says:

    For the bootlegs that you have, are you willing to do B&P’s?

    Please let me know. Also, I hope to see Stuart in Chicago in June which I hope to record if I can get his permission.



  2. Zeitgeist says:

    I need to go through all of my crap and figure out which ones I still have, but given that, yes I would do B&Ps for anything that I have.

  3. Lewis deSoto says:

    Hey, nice appropriation of my sculpture. Thanks for giving credit.
    Looks nice, would love to hear the music.

  4. Will says:

    I am going to get Lewis deSoto Stuart’s latest album as a gesture to hopefully make amends for using his art. I’d never do that kind of thing today.

    A related notion: These covers represent such a small fraction of the shows that were traded around circa 2002, that it seems odd to give any a presence. Perhaps a list of known recordings would make more sense, with notes of which are “aud” and which are “sbd”?

    If some of the recordings do deserve a cover art presence, maybe it could be only the ones that sound the best? That would mean keeping your first two classic releases (since they are so historical), and the following four: 2002.06.24, 2000.12.02, 1999.06.19, 1999.04.11.

    I’d appreciate if if you would ditch the others. And with them, ditch my embarrassing instructions on how best to feed a printer, and the tips on how to print at the right size, and the wallpapers, and the link to my website which doesn’t exist anymore. I’d feel better about it if we deleted a lot of that.

  5. Will says:

    Say by the way, here’s the revised 1999.06.19 cover for the 2 CD version that replaced the 3 CD version:

  6. Zeitgeist says:

    Will, sorry didn’t notice your comments straightaway, I will revise this page, it has been untouched for years, literally years! Eek…

  7. Zeitgeist says:

    Will, got off my butt and updated this a bit.

  8. ponzie says:

    Are there any shows since 2003 in circulation?

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