Dirty Purity

I'm in love with a homeless girl
who carved a cave into the World
she crawled out all covered in blood
and dripped red seeds into the mud

Shut up, shut up, shut up already
with the temple-talk
you're freaking me out

With the dirty purity

Back at first I bought it all
and then I fought it all
Finally, I forgot it all
but I'm not done
not at all
it's cryptic

Would I, would I, would I scatter
if I just admit I'm already dead
Should it, should it, should it matter
that my mind won't fit
back in my head

Dirty purity
dirty purity

Nothing moves
and something switches
question marks
and crucifixes

how it was only eyelids
that kept me blinded
from the light
in open obscurity

in the dirty purity
shadow over everything
I dream as the "other"
shining back as everything
when dreaming is over
All Songs © Copyright 2003 Stuart Davis