April Showers, April Tears

    April's navel
    Easter parade on cable
    "Lay still I'll shave you",
    his hand slips beneath the under dog
    she lets him
    A steady hand
    can conjure the sun from behind the cloud
    April showers
    we sat in church for hours
    trading tales of communion
    afraid of the site of blood
    yet she loves the feeling
    Who conjures who?

    This one's afraid to resurrect
    We dangle carrots before the cage
    the rabbit licks its hind legs
    and crosses to the puddle of urine
    Pregnancy is a scent before anything else
    some things should not be reborn
    unless the process is most certainly immaculate

    Ego taints the saints
    the rabbit dies, she faints
    He crosses the room,
    calvary with bed posts
    She sees him staring out the window
    when she comes to she beckons
    He hesitates
    and in that moment she knows
    another child
    has been taught to fear God

    She says
    "I love you
    but I cannot mother your fears"
    April showers,
    April tears 
All Songs © Copyright 2003 Stuart Davis