#-----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation # #of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or # #research. Remember to view this file in Courier, or some other monospaced # #font. # #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Friday March 19, 2004 Subject: d/davis_stuart/chowdown.txt Chow Down by Stuart Davis from the album The Late Stuart Davis Submitted by Walker (teangair@hotmail.com) Tuned half step down from E Intro: Riff A: x2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 (2nd time) E|--0-------0-------0---0---0---0---|--0-------0-------0---0---0-------| B|--0-------0-------0---0---0---0---|--0-------0-------0---0---0--(0)--| G|--11------11------11--9---13--9---|--9-------9-------6---4---4--(0)--| D|--9-------9-------9---7---11--7---|--7-------7-------4---2---2--(0)--| A|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| | | - - | - - | - - | - - | - - | - | | - - Riff B: x2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 E|------------------|------------------| B|--0---0---0-0-0---|--0---0---0-0-0---| G|--4---4---4-4-4---|--2---2---2-2-1---| D|--4---4---4-4-4---|--2---2---2-2-2---| A|--2---2---2-0-4---|--0---0---0-0-2---| E|------------------|--------------0---| Verse: Riff C: X4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Ah... Look at all the architecture E|------------------|------------------| B|------------------|------------------| G|--4---------4-4-0-|--2---------1-1-1-| D|--4---------4-4-0-|--2---------0-2-0-| A|--2---------0-4-0-|--0---------0-2-0-| E|------------------|------------------| X X XXX X X X X X XXX X X X Chords: E F#* E/Ab F#m B F# A Am E|-0- E|-0- E|-0- E|--- E|-2- E|-2- E|--- E|-5- B|-0- B|-0- B|-0- B|-10 B|-4- B|-2- B|-2- B|-5- G|-1- G|-3- G|-X- G|-11 G|-4- G|-3- G|-2- G|-5- D|-2- D|-4- D|-2- D|-11 D|-4- D|-4- D|-2- D|-7- A|-2- A|-4- A|-2- A|-9- A|-2- A|-4- A|-0- A|-7- E|--- E|--- E|-4- E|-9- E|--- E|-2- E|--- E|-5- E F#* No one loves it more than me No else can hear them cry Why do paintings have to hurt? E/Ab F#m That is why I have to set it free When they suffer so do I Lord, give me strength do to my work Chorus: B E/Ab F# I I feel the building weeping B E/Ab F# I I hear the granite screaming E It's in such misery F# That's why it's beggin' me A Chow down, chow down the buildings E Chow down, chow down the buildings Bridge: E F# Am I know it's bloody murder E F# Am But I have got no choice E F# Am I must obey the voices A Suck up, suck up the statues E Chow down, chow down the buildings Riff A x2 Riff A Ah... I like to lick the paintings Riff E: Ah... I wanna taste the paintings E|--0-------0-------0---0---0---0---|--0-------0-------0---0---0---0---| B|--0-------0-------0---0---0---0---|--0-------0-------0---0---0---0---| G|--11------11------11--9---13--9---|--9-------9-------9---6---4---0---| D|--9-------9-------9---7---11--7---|--7-------7-------7---4---2---0---| A|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| | | - - | - - | - - | - - | - - | | | | Outro: A Chew through, chew through the paintings E Suck up, suck up the statues A Chow down, chow down the buildings E Chew through, chew through the paintings Chords: Esus4 E5 Asus2 F#7sus4 E|-0- E|-0- E|-0- E|-0- B|-0- B|-0- B|-0- B|-0- G|-11 G|-X- G|-9- G|-6- D|-9- D|-2- D|-7- D|-4- A|--- A|-2- A|--- A|--- E|--- E|-0- E|--- E|--- Esus4 Suck up, suck up the statues E5 Chow down, chow down the buildings Asus2 Chew through, chew through the paintings E Suck up, suck up the statues F#7sus4 E5 Chow down, chow down the buildi---ngs.