February 24th, 2007 - Post Apocalypse

Post-Apocalypse: A Chat With the Fifth Horseman

Dream Usher–Have plans for the coming year solidified any? I know that you had spoken of a studio album, another live album and two book projects — care to extrapolate/expound? other words that start with e?

Stu–examine, extoll….oh, yeah. well, we’re recording a new studio album in january, and there are plans for other weird CDs that aren’t really music, but some amalgam, of talking from live shows, and maybe some home-spun stuff that i’ve been recording in my living room over the last few weeks. there will be the new “straight” studio album, and then a bunch of weird stuff that will come out at the same time or shortly after. the new CD will be out in the spring (april) and i’ll be touring my ass off then too.

DU–Did the trouble with Blue Rose Records ever get worked out? What was the phrase? Slimy euro-something… 😉

Stu–haven’t heard a word from them. (sigh). when will they call?? i’m so lonely for my euro trash label….

DU–Do you think the court will rule in your favor when Enrique claims to have written all of your new songs? What I mean is, his ability to jump a half second into the future means he’s back and writing the song before you, but at the same time he had to steal it from you in the future. Maybe you could only play songs from the new album every other weekend?

Stu–Enrique is the Obi Kenobe of pop. i’ve seen what’s behind that robe….talk about a light saber…

DU–My message board traffic is nil, tell people to go to my site! Ok, that’s not a question, I’m making terrorist demands — I HAVE ENRIQUE AND I DEMAND MESSAGE BOARD TRAFFIC!!! Seriously, though, I’ve noticed a lot of message boards are dead at the moment. How is TwistedMystic.com faring? Any thoughts you want to share on that endeavour?

Stu–well, you know how chatty those mystics are. always throwing around their silence, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. puttiing a message board on a site about stillness was an interesting strategy, huh? i guess i don’t help things by never visiting message boards, but i’m still trying to revive smoke signals.

DU–Any reading recommendations? Have you ever read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman? If not, WHY THE HELL NOT?

Stu–well, unless it’s in Penthouse, i won’t see it. however, there is a book i can recommend. Life In The Labyrinth, by E.J. Gold. absolutely astonishing. he’s the elvis of esoteric spirituality.

DU–Is it possible that our two presidential candidates could have made the election process less interesting and more diststeful than they did for the majority of voters?

Stu–election? did i miss something?

DU–That’s what I thought. Where are you living now and how are you adjusting? I know you’ve been back in the Native Land for a while now, but not everyone knew!

Stu–i’m living in a house, on a street, in a neighborhood. it is awesome to be back in minneapolis, and with hockey season here, i’m enjoying the full range of the icicle sodomy that is winter. i come home off the road and head over to the arena where i play hockey with a bunch of other musicians who used to be in shape. we spend a few hours dry heaving in the box between brief episodes of exuberant nostalgia for our glorious youth. other than that, i’m just happy to be around so many lakes. i get thirsty when i leave minnesota.

DU–(laugh) smart ass! Any writings you have around that you want me to pass on through the site?

Stu–hmm…..i’ll sniff around.

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