December 12th, 2009 - You better be protective/I’m not selective

Found on RapidShare:

Stuart Davis’ live-in-studio performance of “Female Friend” from Radio K, from the 1996 fundraiser CD, Stuck on A.M.. Radio K’s Simon Peter wrote of Stuart’s performance, “This recording became a huge request hit, and we’re endeared to anyone who’d come in and and debut painfully honest material like this, just hours after it was written. Plus, Stuart’s got a supernatural way with syllables and vocab, not unlike two other Minnesota-born lyricists… you know, their names are Bob and Paul,” (referring of course to Zimmerman and Westerberg).

The RapidShare file is in lossless flac format, and contains only this single song, not the full CD. This link will expire after 10 people have downloaded it, so grab it now:

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