April 14th, 2003 - Welcome…

  • Decided to move dreamusher to its own domain, and you are here! The boards are still on gm right now, but I am almost ready to make the switch to the install of phpbb running here. Enjoy!
  • *update* — using the new boards now, all posts/user accounts transferred.

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    1. Amy Carlson says:

      I had read something about Stuart being in a movie. Has anything happened with this yet?

    2. Z-. says:

      You talking a movie movie I assume rather than the oft rumored live dvd? I will have a quote from the man on this soon.


    3. Amy Carlson says:

      Yes, I believe I had read on one of Stuart’s websites that he was talking about being in a film. I seem to remember that he was going to star in this film, but then again it might have been a silly joke played just on me!

    4. ~kismet~ says:

      there’s a film called “fall awake” which stuart and his director friend (names, ugh….brian something?) from new york have just finished the screenplay for. haven’t heard about it since january, but they were hoping to start filming by next winter (it may have been put on the back burner now, i’m not sure at all).
      read the screenplay a couple months ago though, and it sounds very interesting. it stars stuart davis, playing himself, a musician on a quest. he falss through the ice while playing hockey, and has a glimpse of spiritual one-ness, then meets an intersting character that leads him on a journey. it also incorporates the plots of a couple stuart davis songs, penguins and jonah are the ones that come to mind, but there are more i think….
      and that’s about all i know. i’m sure more will become apparent later, but this is a project moving very slowly…

    5. Amy Carlson says:

      Ah yes, this is the film!! Very exciting, indeed!

      Thank you for taking the time to research this for me. I appreciate it!

      Much love to you, Amy

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