March 22nd, 2003 - uncle seth

  • Hey everyone =) Fixed the Real Audio links, let me know if anything is broken.
  • There has been much discussion of a live album vs. a studio album for Stu’s next effort. Whatcha think? =)

  • 4 responses to “uncle seth”

    1. ~kismet~ says:

      i don’t think he should make any more albums. i mean, he’s had his time in the sun right? just give it a rest…
      ~kis of the IS~

    2. will_b says:

      Good call. But seriously – studio. Or, they need to be willing to mix the hell out of a live recording to make it sound as if it were from a studio, and telling the audience to remain silent.

      Live is problematic for radio stations too – they dont want to play tracks with audience applause. Another live album is another album the college stations won’t play (Not that they neccesarily would play something even if was recorded in a studio).

    3. i thought stuart was dead?

    4. z-. says:

      no no no he was late for dinner…


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