December 7th, 2008 - The Colorado Daily does Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis and Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll are the cover story in today’s Colorado Daily! Not this particular today, but a recent today a couple weeks ago. View the story online.

Local musician on the tube
Stuart Davis films TV show in Boulder
By Wendy Kale (Contact)
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stuart Davis is not your average Boulder musician.

This year, Davis’ song “Already Free” was featured in the Owen Wilson movie “Drillbit Taylor,” his book “Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll” was distributed by Random House — and the performer developed his indie film “Twisted Mystic.”

Now, Davis is writing, directing and hosting his own TV comedy/music series, “Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll,” filmed here in Boulder.

“It’s been a crazy, crazy year for me,” Davis said. “I’m just able to talk about this, but after my song was in the movie I ended up in a large lawsuit against my record label. It was resolved amicably, but my career was put on hold for a year.”

Davis had a lot of time off and it gave the performer the chance to create his new TV show.

“I feel like I’ve been in a pregnant pause,” Davis laughed. “Now, I’m moving forward with increased passion and enthusiasm. One of my books is a collection of comedy essays and I used some of that material to create the TV series. I’m ready to laugh.”

Laughter has always been a key factor at Davis’ concerts. Loyal fans know they’ll get a double dose of indie folk-rock and comedy schtick at the performer’s popular shows.

Davis has created a world where comedy, music and spirituality join forces — and he wanted to bring that entertainment blend to TV.

“This series is going to take up the next six months of my life,” Stuart said. “I’m going to use material from my book, play music, do stand-up comedy and show videos. I’ll be doing it all.”

Davis’ new independent TV show is taped every Saturday at Boulder’s Immersive recording studios.

“Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll” is now being aired on dozens of Internet channels and is funded by Boulder Integral. Once the six-show series is taped, it will be shopped to mainstream television.

“At the core, I wanted to make the kind of TV show that I would like to watch,” Davis explained. “This kind of show is missing in the world. I wanted to show how mainstream culture and spirituality go deeper and wider.

“I want to explore spirituality and culture around the world, and let people gain a real appreciation for what we have in the U.S.A.”

Davis started taping “Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll” in November.

The debut episode explored polyamory relationships, while last week’s show discussed “The Zen of Hallucinogenic Compounds.”

Saturday Davis will tackle the topic of evolution with Reverend Michael Dowd. Future weeks will find the performer diving into feminism and UFOs.

“The show starts out with a five-minute comedy monologue about the topic of the week,” Davis explained. “Then, we have a ‘Saturday Night Live’ kind of news cast – where half the news is real.

“Then, we show a commercial parody for a fake product. Last week we advertised ‘Godka’ – a hallucinogenic vodka.”

Each week Davis follows the “ad” with a guest interview. The show then cuts to a man-on-the-street segment, which is followed by a phone call from author Ken Wilber.

“I always end each show with an appropriate song,” Davis said. “It’s wild – we do this show in 50 minutes. Now I know what it takes to execute an entire TV show.”

The next step is to sell “Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll” to a national audience.

Davis and his crew already have plans to pitch his show to IFC, Bravo, Showtime and HBO. In a few weeks locals will be able to sign up for a subscription to Davis’ show at

“I think this show brings a new perspective and depth to these subjects and I feel it will find a home somewhere,” Davis said. “Even if this show is picked up, we’d still like to keep it in Boulder.

“This is a powerful place and I’d like to see it make an appearance in mainstream media.”

If “Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll” hits the airwaves, Davis may have the last laugh — and national TV may never be the same.

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