October 27th, 2003 - superkickassafragilistic

Had a great time at the fine line show. Showed up early to do what I could to help as a pack mule and then sold merch. Everything balanced out which was a very cool (and apparently far too rare) occurrence(!). The fine line looks superfab following its fire trouble. everything sounded great and matt and jason were there to back stu up on a number of songs. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Davis (as in Stu’s parents). Many oohed and aahed at pics of little Ara who is indeed absolutely gorgeous and preccccccioussssssssssss. We tried to sell Nate at the merch booth but no one would buy him. Maybe next time. Got to hear a lot about little Ara the Shining St-ara after the show. If you haven’t been out to a show lately you really need to go check Stu out, he is honestly on yet another higher level. Playing and vocals were both extraordinary and I don’t say that lightly. Good stuff.

3 responses to “superkickassafragilistic”

  1. Dave says:

    You couldn’t sell NATE?!? I’m so dissapointed. You’ve all let me down…

  2. Zeitgeist says:

    Well, apparently $25 was too much…


  3. neight says:

    or best offer?

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