Stuart Davis’ June 2007 performance at Immersive Studios, captured in high-def and in surround sound as part of Immersive’s Seven Voices concert series, is at last available as a DVD+CD set. I say “at last” but the truth may be that I just noticed and it was actually released about 4 mo.s ago. Regardless, buy “Stuart Davis Live on the Immersive No. 7 Soundstage” here.


And here’s the commercial for the entire Seven Voices series.

3 responses to “Stuart Davis Live on the Immersive No. 7 Soundstage”

  1. Devon says:

    Anybody bought this to know if it’s worth $24?

  2. Wil says:

    The production quality of “Stuart Davis Live on the Immersive No. 7 Soundstage” is top notch. Did you watch the commercial? Check it out. There’s only one reason (beyond not having enough scratch) to not get it, and that is the possibility that this CD+DVD may, later this Spring, be included as a freebie if you buy the most expensive subscription option to Stuart’s upcoming tv series, Sex God Rock ‘n’ Roll. As I understand it, there will be different subscription levels, all offering longer versions of the tv series than what will be airing on television, and the more pricey levels may include incentives such as concert tickets or a reservation to Dharmapalooza or this CD+DVD set.

  3. Devon says:

    Thanks for the down-low, Wil!!!

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