September 28th, 2004 - reminder

Don’t forget for those that are interested, there is no better place for information on Integral Studies and Art than the fantabulous Integral Naked dot org. Specifically there is the Stuart Davis contributor page located here. Enjoy!

2 responses to “reminder”

  1. Oh I didn’t care that my hair was fake beach blonde haha..I was for more than decade blonde but got tired and went to dark, dark indigo black….talk about drastic change LOL!anyhow your blondies look amazing and would be perfect with my afternoon coffee. Great pic btw!

  2. I agree. Now, sometimes I give tips on what NOT to do based on personal experience if I don’t have advice that I know works, but you have to be careful. Too many people out there are pretending to be experts on topics they know nothing about, or they try to be helpful, but they do more harm than good because they are just spouting something they read in a book and really dont understand it well enough to know what they are talking about.

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