March 7th, 2003 - put on your boots!

  • Will sends the following exciting news!

    A photo of what you should see if you’ve correctly
    assembled the new official bootleg, which is now
    available on!

  • 4 responses to “put on your boots!”

    1. pat says:

      someone wanna tell me how to get the art if i’m a punk monk?


    2. Will says:

      In the song download section, look for this entry:

      “2003-02-19 11:08:38 Stuart Davis-Mother Fools-March 22 2002-Album Cover 1.57 MB Download”

      It is a zip file containing both the front and back covers.

      The front cover is 2856 pixels wide x 1428 pixels
      high,in other words, 9.52″ x 4.76″ at 300 pixels/inch. You’ll need to fold the front cover yourself.

      The back cover is 1771 pixels wide x 1387 pixels high, in other words, 5.903″ x 4.623″ at 300 pixels/inch.

      Be sure your photo software is displaying the proper size before printing; you software may incorrectly assume the resolution is meant to be 72 pixels/inch, which would make the front cover an immense 39.667 inches wide x 19.833! If so, simply tell your software that the resolution is 300, not 72 (without resampling the image) and you should see the proper dimensions appear. We’ve made these covers with a resolution of 300 so that they are as sharp as the CD covers you’d find in stores.

      We suggest printing on glossy photo paper, about 7.5 to 9 mil in thickness. Any thicker and it will be difficult to fold the front cover without splittingthe seam.

      You can also import these covers in most any CD coverart programs that are available elsewhere on the net.

    3. goethean says:

      my wife wants to know: is that Stuart’s hand?

    4. del says:

      No, I think that’s Will’s hand. To make cd’s really easy, i would suggest buying a cd maker package from compusa or best buy. the one i have is called “neato” and i think memorex makes one too. you can also download a free program from

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