April 26th, 2003 - New Official Bootleg

This months bootleg is a band studio demo from the summer of 1999. Here is what Stuart says about it:

“This is a very interesting recording. Not a live show, but actually a ten song session from 1999 where I went into the Churchyard with Tim Frantzich and recorded these ten songs. I played all the “normal” instruments (Electric / Acoustic Guitars, bass, keyboard, squeeze box) and did the vocals, and Tim Frantzich put together all the drum tracks, using loops and playing some set as well. Sound is studio quality, but the tracks are not mastered, so they don’t have the glossy coat of a finished CD. After we recorded these, I just put them away and forgot about them.”

Track List
1. Chow Down
2. Inventions
3. Sugar Bullets
4. Elizabeth Ascends
5. Penguins
6. Love
7. Nothing In Between
8. Original Face
9. Windmills And Wheatfields
10. The Glimpse (instrumental)

This album will be posted on the website May 1st and as always, you may purchase the entire set (with cover artwork) for $8.00, or buy the songs individually for a buck a piece

4 responses to “New Official Bootleg”

  1. willbueche says:

    S’more info on the songs on this demo recording (which is fantastic by the way!!!). Stu’s words:

    ‘Chow Down’ — Really rocks, a wall of guitars and a very kick ass bass line conceived by T.F.

    ‘Inventions’ — A whole different song here, I was experimenting with different beats/feels, and went with one very different than the normal live version. If this song were mixed, we’d probably lighten up the electrocution “shocks” we simulated with a quarter inch jack.

    ‘Sugar Bullets’ — Holy shit. Do NOT purchase this version expecting to get anything resembling the Sugar Bullets you know (and maybe love). As I do with many songs, I wrote many different songs called “Sugar Bullets” before settling on the version that’s on The Late Stuart Davis. THIS VERSION is a completely different song, different lyrics, it’s in a minor key, and it’s a kind of dark, brooding pop rock song with big, crunchy guitars and synth. Forget it, whatever you think it’s gonna sound like, it ain’t that. I actually prefer this version, but it can’t be pulled off live very well, so I went with the other one.

    ‘Elizabeth Ascends’ — This shit ( I mean shit in a good way) sounds like the fucking Eagles broke in and laid down a Sad Café version to this song. It’s a mind bender, but the vocal performance needs work. Weird.

    ‘Penguins’ — Pretty straightforward solo acoustic version of this song, but I doubled the guitar and voice in some places, which is a technique I INVENTED DAMMIT!! I don’t care what the guy from ELO says, or the Beatles, for that matter. I was the first person to double vox in a studio.

    ‘Love’ — Now this song is a real secret. I’ve only played it live once or twice in my life, but I really love it. I always heard it as a band song with nice distorted guitars and poppy-happy drum loops, which is exactly what it is here. I really love this version, great loops by T.F.

    ‘Nothing In Between’ — This version has a bass line and doubled guitars.

    ‘Original Face’ — Another big secret song. This is one of my all time favorites, actually, but I don’t like to hear it without a band. This version isn’t exactly what I want (I’d change pre-choruses), but it’s a great demo, including the Arabian Orchestra we simulated with the synthesizer (I couldn’t afford the real Arabian Orchestra). It’s my nephew’s favorite Stuart song, and the opinion of a person nick-named “Enso” ought to be worth something.

    ‘Windmills And Wheatfields’ — What’s really sweet here is the squeeze box we laid down. It gives it that red light district Amsterdam-Is-Naughty-And-So-Am-I feel. Nice effects on the vox too.

    ‘Glimpse’ — An instrumental. I wrote this song as a meditation, there are indeed vocal tracks to it, but no “words” you would recognize. It was part of a breathing exercise I was doing at the time with singing. I think it’s quite beautiful, and has only been performed live maybe two or three times.

  2. zeitgeist says:

    Totally have to agree… This boot is a MUST HAVE. I love every second of it!


  3. willbueche says:

    Hey hey, its May 1st (nearly) and not only is this album available as downloads, but Matt’s set it up so that you can order the CD from Cafepress – just go to stuartdavis.com and follow the blurb, you’ll see the option to “BUY THE CD” at the bottom of the tracks.

    Some details about why you may want to consider getting the one from Cafepress: The artwork! More of it (art on the disc itself!) and all done for you. And sound quality – even though the downloaded mp3s are stunning quality, the cafepress disc is technically a tad better, according to those who know how it was assembled.

    Though the audio difference will not be detectable by human ears, the audio purists among you with super-high-end audiophile ears, may want to spring for the CD.

    “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

  4. Will’s right. The physical disc has more artwork. Check it out… it’s so bad ass… it’s here at last!


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