September 8th, 2005 - My Badass Girl

Just a repost to the public space of my blog entry at the sangha site…

Couple of coincidences went down at the MPLS show the other night. One is Dave (Wu) and I were sitting around shooting the shit (as we are wont to do from time to time) and I mentioned that I had called Nate and he would not be able to make the show as he was busy with moving related activities. Well who should call while we are talking, but Nate himself to say that he will make it. Huzzah!

So Nate arrives and I was telling Dave a bit about my girl, K, when who walks in? *boggle* K had caught a flight in to see me and catch the show so she could see her first Stu show in my company. How badass is that? Fairly to extremely methinks!

The show was fantastic and though the place wasn’t packed it was a good vibe and a good time. glad to see vid there and meet brandy as well – cheers all!

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