March 10th, 2004 - musings

excellent show beyond words to express. the crowd was outstanding and rowdy. got to meet some cool folks like the infamous Shad (hey bro!) and hang with Nate Kayla and Dave as well as a couple of older friends that I hadn’t seen in a while like the man formerly (and sometimes still) known as Zanryc. We al hung out afterwards ’til 1:30 am. Much interesting/entertaining discussion including and not limited to the nature of philosophy and religion, mysticism and fundamentalism, the fluffiness or lack thereof of nondual mystics (I kid), and Mulholland drive as a statement on death and existence in the bardo realm. and some of you… not mentioning any names here… missed it!? Hope to be there this evening as well though I will almost assuredly be running late this time.

p.s. — didn’t expect to hear ‘giving in’ or ‘i touch myself’ tonight but hey…. lol…

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