May 16th, 2003 - Lyrics…

I have added some lyrics to unreleased which means we now have all the lyrics for the forthcoming album… stay tuned 🙂 Also let me know if I screwed anything up in the Unreleased area…

7 responses to “Lyrics…”

  1. bkg says:

    Has anyone else heard Stu play Angel With Two Backs lately? When I heard him play it in Milwaukee in April I could have sworn he sang “Grace” instead of “Lilith” I don’t know if anything else was different.

  2. ~kismet~ says:

    well, he played it in ames, which is going to be released as the next bootleg show, so everyone will be hearing the recent comeback of that song pretty soon. and yes, “grace” is the name now, a nice update to match the fell of the forthcoming album…

  3. ~kismet~ says:

    uh, that should be “feel” not “fell” of the next album…and by the way, that comment might have been confusing to some if they aren’t on monktalk to here the recent news.

    though stuart was originally planning to record the ames shows a few weeks ago and release a live album in the fall from them, he listened to the recordings and wasn’t blown away, so he’s decided to make it a studio album instead (but same release date)…therefore, the great recordings from ames will now be the next couple bootleg releases…(inluding angel w/ 2 backs i think)

  4. ~kismet~ says:

    “Also let me know if I screwed anything up in the Unreleased area…”

    well, if you’re really looking for things (says the perfectionist), i would replace the outdated versions of songs (flower, human girl, etc) with the most current ones which are in that lyric file i sent you.

  5. z says:

    cause theyre like SOOOOO different =)


  6. ~kismet~ says:

    hey baby, it’s all in the wording ;o) it takes years to finally get the perfect wording down in songs…and there’s a whole new lyric part in human girl most probably haven’t seen…i’m just sayin c(o:

  7. z. says:

    oopsie, you’re right, i’ll fix that =)


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