March 25th, 2003 - I’ve got a secret!

  • Oh, baby!

  • 8 responses to “I’ve got a secret!”

    1. ~the kismet~ says:

      ooooh aaaaah, this is by far the funniest show i’ve ever heard! and the cover looks pretty too. and it took place on no day in no month, how appropriate….such is the mystery.

    2. pat says:

      um…k, so when do i get ta get my hands on this one?

    3. Dave says:

      Damon’s just a big tease.

      “Here’s kids, here’s some candy…what is the matter can’t reach it? (evil laughter emanates from all corners of the room…is emanate a good word to use there? I’m not always good with words. Although sometimes I ramble on in a parenthetical manner using A LOT (is that a word combo that should be used?) of words.)”

    4. Z-. says:

      =) All will be revealed sooooooon. =) *evil laughter emanates*


    5. Devo says:

      Who do I contact about getting a punk monk password to d/l bootlegs again? I paid for the last one to support Stu and I ran outta money…

    6. Devo says:

      Thanks, Z!

    7. Michelle says:

      STU ~~~~~~~ DO A SHOW IN CALIFORNIA 2003
      Although you will probably never see this –I will try what the hell right ??!
      I have been sharing your music with so many people who are waiting to see it all in action..

      Thanks for all you bring..


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