March 23rd, 2005 - Hola Senor

Just an FYI, added ‘God Weird’ to the unreleased songs section.

The rest of this is political so you have been warned.

as a sidenote to Mr. Davis’ blog ranting: Mr. Bush’s SAT score of 1206/1600 puts him at above average intelligence, though not by much. It also puts him not far behind Mr. Gore who earned similar grades while in college. Although only one of them pulled a D in natural sciences 😛 On another note, when you complain of ridiculous, over-the-top, polarizing statements, its best not to fill your blog with them. You aren’t exactly raising the level of debate, Stuart. As for some of the other ranting, there is truth to be found. People who disagree with the current administration are not un-American in spite of the ranting of some on the right. However, the assertion that the French government is more American… well… 1) TFE and the French Government are involved in the biggest (and one of the quietest) scandals (about oil btw) ever and the UN is involved. Scandal is kind of American, I guess. 2) I am growing rather weary of hearing how dissent is being crushed. Dissent is alive and well in America, in spite of the dissenters’ many assertions to the contrary. 3) The French are pretty violently anti-Semitic lately, as some parts of the US are still today. I forget what 4 was so I’ll move on.

As for the handling of the middle-east. Whether you like the method or not it seems to be working. Strange as it sounds, there have been demonstrations and protests in countries that haven’t seen true dissent for a long time. As much as I worried about the methodology at the time, sometimes the only way to deal with oppression of this order is more ugliness. Perhaps not ugliness of the level reached by Stu in his ‘now I want to take it in the ass from minorities and have a lot of abortions that I will name after you’ rant. Kosmos forfend that anyone should value the lives of unborn children. I am reminded of Hiroshima; would the Japanese have stopped in the face of anything less? I spent some time studying Japan from the Meiji Restoration to the end of World War II and I don’t believe they would have. Would anything less than Bush’s admittedly less-than-ideal handling of the current situation bring the results that are happening now? A thought exercise best left to the reader perhaps. And I’m sorry but though all human beings share the same absolute value initially, the way they choose to live tips the scales.

Way to transcend and include there, buddy.

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