March 11th, 2004 - history repeats the old conceits

Wow am I glad I didn’t knock on the door to get in as a joke last night (quick explanation: the BLB has a door in the back-center of the stage behind a curtain that opens on to the street), cause later on Matt did the same thing. He ended up drumming on a stool using two beer bottles for ‘Burning Down the House’. In the process the bottles broke oops 🙂 Vastly entertaining show again though I was about 10 minutes late as expected. Amusingly Tim Frantzich was in attendance — I saw amusingly as his brother Paul was there the night before. If you don’t know who Paul and Time are, you could always check out I’ve known them since ’95 and Stu has known them longer than that I believe. Incredibly cool guys and great musicians. Great to once again see more than a half dozen folks I know including Nate, Kayla, Vidyuddeva, Shad etc. Nice also to hear ‘Beyond Belief’ covered with such aplomb. Best to Stu as he makes the long drive to Chicago today after spending the night in the Little White Town. Bleh, snow… hope to see you all soon.

3 responses to “history repeats the old conceits”

  1. [CM]Skipias says:

    This is off subject but could you post tabs for Fault Lines.

  2. Zeitgeist says:

    I’ll see if someone has it tabbed out already, if not I’ll see if someone has the time to do so 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    dis is a kool site

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