March 2nd, 2003 - hellelujah

  • Stuart put on a rugby shirt and proceeded to kick a hole in his silver guitar… and you might have missed it! I was there. Hello to Nate and Dave and Mike and Kayla and all of the other cool folks I got to talk to tonight. Damn my feet hurt from all that standing at the merch area… oh well. Got to see Stu-sy and Enrique and Joel the Evil White Man so its all good. Be well my cats and kittens.

  • 5 responses to “hellelujah”

    1. megan says:

      nice. nice. i’ll ask him about that tonight,

    2. tommyk says:

      It was a hurling shirt, not a rugby one! Great show. I hate the fine line. Long live the 400.

    3. zeitgeist says:

      yeah, but he wanted me to say rugby, so I humored him =P


    4. Zeitgeist says:

      oh btw, the show will probably be at neither the FineLine nor the 400 next time Stu is in town. Without going into details there are a number of reasons for this.


    5. tommyk says:

      I see the next venue is the Cabooze…

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