November 15th, 2003 - Eddie and Stu-y and Kenny

The most important bits fromt he latest newsletter.

  • It looks very promising that we’ll be working with a kindred company soon, but that’s all I can say for now till we actually sign the contracts.
  • We have several projects in the works: An audio book called “Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll”, a live concert DVD, an album of me doing all Elvis Costello songs (Davis Does Elvis), and of course my daughter Ara and I are always working on our life-long creation of the mystical language IS.
  • In addition, fans of either the band Live or integral philosopher Ken Wilber should check out the web site Eddie Kowalczyk (lead singer of Live), Ken Wilber, and I just recorded (video and audio) a discussion of integral art and Eddie and I did a duet of the song Smoke from my new CD.

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