April 18th, 2003 - Echoes

Alex Gibson, famed Hollywood producer (David Lee Roth, Jane’s Addiction, etc.) will be recording all three upcoming Ames shows. Sweeeeeeeeeeet…

4 responses to “Echoes”

  1. ~kismet~ says:

    wheeee! i *love* alex, he’s such a sweetheart and kick ass human being. that was such a pleasant surprise, yay!
    i shiver with antici- pation.

  2. zeitgeist says:

    couldn’t resist the rocky ref could you, *the kismet*?

  3. ~kismet~ says:

    heehee, of course not. and that’s miss ~the kismet~ thank you very much ;o) stars are megan’s gig.

  4. willbueche says:

    That’s great news, I hope he likes him.

    Next, we’ll be seeing Stu on tv in blue makeup and a tribal skirt, saying “Give me a bottle of anything…..and a glazed donut….to GO!”

    The fame mouse is nibbling at his feet…

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