June 8th, 2007 - Dharmapalooza 2007

Announcing Dharmapalooza, 2007. Join Stuart Davis for this spectacular annual event, the 2nd weekend of AUGUST in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Special guest Zen priest Vidyuddeva! Only $100 for three days of rock ‘n roll, community building, and spiritual practice. This event begins at dinner (6pm) Friday August 10th, and wraps up Sunday night August 12th. Plan on a life-changing experience. If you want to meet friends in the Mystery, hear great music, and dive deeper into Dharma, this weekend is a MUST. Stuart will debut songs from his new album as well. Make your reservations now by contacting Stuart. P.S. be advised you will be charged if you make a reservation (whether or not you come). Availability is limted.

Having attended the very first Dharmapalooza, I have to just say it was quite the experience and I would absolutely suggest that anyone who can attend do so. Totally worth it 🙂 .

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