…but he likes the bonus audiobook disc. From PopMatters.com

“[Stuart Davis’] newest record (or at least the version I received) contains a bonus sampler of his 2006 audio book Love Has No Opposite… Stuart has no shame or, apparently, fixed religion, which makes for some really interesting streams of thought in his aural prose. Sadly, with the possible exception of “Sugar Bullets” and its keen innuendo, his music doesn’t often hit the same level that his mind is at. Something Simple is indeed something simple, and though there are the odd tracks or turns of phrase that force you to question the state of things, it all comes off like a Christian pop or adult contemporary album (check “Sky God”).” Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Sodomizing a Robot in Front of Your Ex-Girlfriend” at PopMatters.com

6 responses to “Blogger fails to detect sarcasm in “Sky God””

  1. Will says:

    Awesome, just as I was posting that item, the guy cleaning our windows at the office stops by me when he sees the Dreamusher page on my screen and says “Stuart Davis! I’d recognize that profile anywhere!”.

  2. kate says:

    . . . oh please, the new album is fantastic. yeah, sugar bullets is especially special, but so is wand and the river and already free and and and . . . 🙂 something simple is on constant rotation. are you aware that it’s amazing to work out to? (and yes, sky god is hilarious and so spot on that it’s not surprising that guy didn’t get the joke . . . )

  3. zeitgeist says:

    🙂 That’s awesome, Will! I hadn’t thought about the workout applications of the new disc, but I will be testing it out during some biking very soon.

  4. Tallgrrl says:

    Wow. I “got” the lyrics before I even heard the song.
    What’s wrong with that guy? No familiarity with “irony” and/or “sarcasm”?

  5. Very clever. Euro Oysters of the World disunite and reEuronationalize. And don't get worried that nationalize ends in nalize. That's a false voice implanted in you by the Frankfurt School.

  6. And it’s “Finnish” and “on the 12th place”. Hm, I’m just being an annoying besserwisser… Lucky me, I haven’t noticed any Swedes here to correct my mistakes with Swedish. Prepositions are difficult for me in all foreign languages ’cause we don’t have them in Finnish

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