September 21st, 2003 - bells are ringing

Will sends word of an opportunity to help promote Bell!

Some of us who want to promote Stuart’s new album by leaving postcards in used record stores (or similar places) are going in on a postcard order – we calculated that it was the most economical way to go. We’ve already placed an order for 1,000 cards, so each of us can get 100 cards for $20 each. The cards have been ordered, I’ll be receiving the lot on or about the 29th and then shipping them out to those who’ve signed up.

We’ve got 7 monks in so far (six and a half actually), and we need 3 and a half more monks to “go in” on this to break even – ideally, monks from places other than Iowa, as we’ve nearly got that state covered! If you live near some good record stores that allow musician cards to be left, or some other similar
places, and are willing to drop $20 for helping this case, please email as soon as possible. Thanks.

Payment is stress free – check or PayPal (I’ll email instructions for the PayPal account to use). Can’t make it much easier than that, and the reward comes to
each of us in the form of helping expose Stuart’s music to new people, and karma too, I’m sure.

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