June 2nd, 2006 - All’s well that bends swell…

Hey, kids and adults, just a heads up to say a) I hope that you are enjoying the new album and that b) I, your fearless (sometimes) webmaster have moved halfway across these United States to a state called Jersey.  Hope all is well with you all, cheers!

4 responses to “All’s well that bends swell…”

  1. Dave K says:

    You mean they sent the new album out? Where’s mine damnit!?! I love Stu but his shipping sucks. :P…Patience, patience…

  2. kate says:

    ooh, i would be if it would just ARRIVE!

  3. Devon says:

    Good to hear you’re out east too (I’m in Ohio). Now if we can only get Stu to come out this way sometime when I can actually make it!

  4. Jersey says:

    …and we’re so glad you did. Welcome home, zeitgeist.

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