July 19th, 2003 - 7-18

Wow, what a great show tonight at the old 400 bar in MPLS. What did you guys think of the new version of ‘Wizard’? My opinion? The ‘I am Love’ section takes it to a whole new level of creepy/funny. Aces, Mr. Davis. Great to see Dave, Nate, Kayla, the one and only Kismet, and of course Marci! I also got to meet the lovely and talented Devon; thought I have no idea what her talents are (the loveliness was self-evident). I had to kiss up, I left her off at first =( A long beautiful, thoughtful, special evening. Can’t wait to see you all again.

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  1. Dave says:

    Indeed a very enjoyable show as well as the evening as a whole. Good fun. Damon, Nate, Kismet and Kayla always a treat to see you all! Boulder here we come!!!

    I loved Wizard with the new…’rant’. Scary, rather discomforting in some ways, but it added a new, good element to the song. It was a good to meet Marci as well, from the brief conversation we all had, she seems to meet up with others’ descriptions of her being a fabulous being. She and Stu looked VERY happy together. Feeling the love…

  2. Devon says:

    I also enjoyed the 400 Bar show….good times. I love the new version of Wizard! 🙂

    It was great to meet all you neat people too…Kismet, Kayla, Dave…who else did I meet? I’ve forgotten already. 🙂 Can’t wait to get to know you all better soon.


  3. Z-. says:

    me me me! you met me!!!!


  4. Dave says:

    Oh no!!! I forgot to mention Devon!! Humility shakes me once again…

    It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting for a while, I look forward to doing it again!


  5. Devon says:

    See, this whole e-mail vs. nick-name vs. real name thing is damn confusing.

    Yes, I *did* meet you, Z!

    And Dave, I forgive you. Punk.

  6. Z. says:

    rar! sorry I forgot to post you in the actual post, but that oversight has been amended.


  7. Devon says:

    Nice save, Z! 😉

    For future reference, talents include but are not limited to: turning words into longer, not-exactly-real words (i.e. “Graduation” becomes “Gradumatation” and “Canada” becomes “Canadia”), laughing (at least, it better be a talent…I do it a lot. 🙂 ), and (apparently) forgiving people who forget that they have met me. 😀

    D-. (hee hee!)

  8. kismet says:

    woo! if laughing is a talent, me and you should figure out how to make money off it and we’d be set! (it’s all about the benjamins)….we should make it an olympic sport….

  9. Devon says:

    Ooooooooooo, good idea!!!!

    I think that snorts should get extra points or money. Ah, think of the endorsments. “Devon and Kismet only laugh Mt. Dew out of THEIR noses!”


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