August 23rd, 2007 - Stu Tube

Stu TubeUpdated the vids section, now called Stu Tube (oh, god, please don’t sue us, our lords and masters, who dwell in the Googleplex!). Check it out, more to come.

2 responses to “Stu Tube”

  1. alphabot says:

    thanks stuArt for making the universe bearable.

    I got the CeeDeez I ordered and the bonus U enclosed.

    I feel blessed. Thank you.

    Also…I’d scoop stu’s tube anyday.

    -brotherman D the phonemonkey

  2. zeitgeist says:

    Cheers, alphabot 🙂 Keep on savoring that samsara. I hit up your site and found a lot of things in common. With you on the love of Whedon, Smith, Atmosphere, (early) Hamilton, Ani, Tori, Doughty, etc. Getting excited for the new album from one Mr. Davis here, can hardly wait!

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