October 24th, 2008 - Live filming of Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll

Stuart Davis launches new Boulder-based television series;
Sex, God, & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The show – dedicated to spirituality and entertainment – will be filmed this fall in Boulder, Colorado.   Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll’s format is an hour of comedy, news, and in-depth interviews with spiritual teachers and unconventional icons.   In addition to Davis’ spoken word comedy, cultural commentary, and music,  KEN WILBER will join Stuart via satellite phone in every episode.  Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll is being filmed in broadcast High-Def.  The series will immediately air over dozens of internet channels, and will be shopped to national networks upon completion.  Davis is an ordained Zen monk and acclaimed performer who’s known for a deft rendering of taboo topics in his music, comedy, books, and video.  Sex, God, & Rock ‘n Roll will move the sexual conversation in America beyond the merely puritanical or salacious.  Davis also aims to celebrate America’s unique variety of spiritual depth, which he says goes far beyond the fundamentalism and new age fuzziness it is has been home to.

Episodes and Guests include:

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