July 9th, 2008 - Site Updates

Thanks to Todd for the heads up on a snafu with the older albums Real Audio files.  Those are back online now, though I am working on getting all clips replaced with 30 second .mp3 samples as on the newest album pages.

   July 8th, 2008 - TONEAudio: Something Not So Simple

Marc Phillips takes You Inside The World of Stuart Davis
TONEAudio issue #16, pages 57-61

“I have known about singer-songwriter Stuart Davis for over a decade, ever since a friend of mine bought me the Nomen Est Numen CD as a Christmas present. I’d never heard of Davis before, and I assumed it was another one of my friend’s pet projects, another struggling unknown musical act he had decided to befriend and support…I was ready to throw Davis into the same camp until I actually sat down and listened to the CD. I immediately noticed the intelligent lyrics, which were evenly balanced between the playful and the knowing…”

Download the pdf of TONEAudio issue #16

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