May 30th, 2008 - The Existential Buzz

Check out this really great writeup slash story about Stu playing the Mill from  Its a really engaging piece that digs into whats beneath the surface for a lot of fans right now – the new album, the distribution deal, and one of my favorite things; being a music pimp to your friends.

   May 5th, 2008 - TONEAudio loves Stuart Davis

The current issue of online audiophile magazine TONEAudio features a positive, substantial review of Stuart Davis’ new album Something Simple ( “consistently excellent” ), and reviewer Marc Phillips promises there is more to come:

“Stuart Davis is one of the most intelligent and spiritual men in the independent music scene. His lyrics are literate and clever… His clear, confident singing voice is unusually expressive and digs deep into your brain. …[Davis is] contemplating the universe with wide-eyed wonder — and a devilish grin.”

“I’ll be writing a feature about him in the next issue. Until then, you should get ahead of the curve and buy Something Simple before Stuart Davis is totally fucking famous.”

Download the pdf file of TONEAudio issue #15 and turn to page 25
(extremely large file; right-click to save for best results)

Coming Later: Download the pdf of TONEAudio issue #16

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