…but he likes the bonus audiobook disc. From PopMatters.com

“[Stuart Davis’] newest record (or at least the version I received) contains a bonus sampler of his 2006 audio book Love Has No Opposite… Stuart has no shame or, apparently, fixed religion, which makes for some really interesting streams of thought in his aural prose. Sadly, with the possible exception of “Sugar Bullets” and its keen innuendo, his music doesn’t often hit the same level that his mind is at. Something Simple is indeed something simple, and though there are the odd tracks or turns of phrase that force you to question the state of things, it all comes off like a Christian pop or adult contemporary album (check “Sky God”).” Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Sodomizing a Robot in Front of Your Ex-Girlfriend” at PopMatters.com

A little bird gave me a press release that said:

Writer / Director Eric Schaeffer ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0769703/ ) has offered Stuart Davis starring role in a full length feature film to be shot in Boulder, Colorado this August, 2008. Davis’ character is a happy family man with a spiritual practice, who’s nonetheless hungry for a break in his music career. Eric Schaeffer will play a successful actor seeking love and deeper spiritual life. The inverted arc of these two narratives intersect with a Boulder back drop. The film will feature an all-Stuart Davis sound track (including live performances) and will be completed by the fall and submitted to Sundance and all other festivals, etc. No working title as of yet.

Schaeffer also announced last week he’s using Davis’ song Already Free as the theme music in his new 14-part Showtime Series “I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single”, which will air Sundays and Tuesdays this June, July, and August on two Showtime channels. The series will also be available in Showtime’s On-Demand section.

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