May 15th, 2007 - Double Dosed

The new newsletter is out and it has some exciting news indeed! I’ll just repost the entire thing here.

Hi friends, Stuart here with a double-dose of big news.

First, I’m thrilled to announce I’m headed into the studio right away to complete a new studio
album by the end of July with producer Alex Gibson. The new album will be released
this fall.

Second, that forthcoming album is already in a major motion picture!
I’m double-dizzy with glee to say my new song Already Free (produced by Alex
Gibson) is featured in the film Drill Bit Taylor, directed by Steven Brill, starring
Owen Wilson. Already Free gets the last five minutes of the film, an incredible
placement that has us doing somersaults. Release of the movie looks like sometime
late winter or early spring.
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   May 7th, 2007 - Malignant Narcissism

Stuart is interviewed by One Mind Village, check it out!

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