July 26th, 2005 - insert joke here

I won’t make any jokes about the II weekend events being called Integral WET, I won’t make any jokes about… Oh! Hello there, friend 🙂 On the chance that you are interested in learning more about II, remember to check out what’s new at integralnaked.org. I know you’re all as excited about Senor Davis’ new album as I am and I hope to have some more info for you about that aside from the info that went out in the newsletter. How are you doing, though? Really? Can I get you some tea? No, its alright, go ahead and put your feet up.

   July 24th, 2005 - heads up

Those of you in PA, MN, IA, and CO: The man with the plan who used to drive a Dodge van is coming to your town to put some rock down and kick a musical mystical show down that’ll leave you sitting with your head down wishing you could write so much as your name down. Just a bit of silly from your local integral gillie… pax et virtute, veritas et aequitas, children.

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