September 28th, 2004 - DVDMadness

Here I quote the info from and the newest newsletter.

News flash: Bad-ass project, well under way. Volume One of the Stuart Davis LIVE DVD and CD will be released this winter. As its name suggests, this is a major work coming out in two volumes, featuring the best of Stuart recorded LIVE in concert with four kickin’ cameras and high end audio equipment. These songs were recorded solo and with a band. Each volume will contain both a CD and a DVD (same songs, two different ways to play it), and will be packed with extras including never before released songs and video episodes from Stuart’s acclaimed “Stu Cam” series. Volume One includes the following songs:

* IS
* Babies
* Flower Zero
* Fall Awake
* Fault Lines
* Ladder
* Rock Stars
* Human Girl
* Sexy Messiah
* Nothing In Between
* Echoes
* All Just Because
* Anesthesia Necrophilia
* Doppelganger
* What

Volume Two (to be released within the year) will contain the rest of what is basically a ‘best of Stuart- live’ anthology. Those who have seen the footage and heard the audio know this project is sure to be an instant classic, and a definitive collection of one of the most critically acclaimed songwriters in modern music. Stuart’s live album 16 Nudes has sold over 10,000 copies without any distribution or major label support, and Volume One and Volume Two of Stuart Davis Live deliver the goods again in a double dose of Davis’ unique mastery of the profound and unpredictable. Keep your eye on this site for the exact release date of Volume One, and its corresponding national release tour. These two volumes celebrate Stuart’s first decade (and ten full length albums) as a touring songwriter by capturing all the magic and surprise that has made him one of the most respected independent artists of his generation.

Okay, okay, that last bunch of links was just Google’s first hit for each word. I was putting off sitting and getting some sleep, which I will go and do now.

   September 28th, 2004 - reminder

Don’t forget for those that are interested, there is no better place for information on Integral Studies and Art than the fantabulous Integral Naked dot org. Specifically there is the Stuart Davis contributor page located here. Enjoy!

   September 20th, 2004 - BLB Show etc.

The Bryant Lake Bowl Show was amazing. It was awesome to meet Tara and Angie/Kayla2 and to see Vid and Stu again. Vid gave a most excellent dharma talk and Stu shot at me with marshmallows (if I’d said sugar bullets that would be how rumors [and rumours] get started). All in all an excellent show with good energy and several of the newer tunes (Rape Game, What, Glass, etc.). It was my privilege to man the camera for most of the show and I think we got some very funny stuff in addition to the usual life altering peformance 😉 A couple of random notes — you people sure don’t like to post on the bbs do you? 🙂 If you aren’t using Firefox 1.0PR why NOT?!?! I hesitate to say it is peerless and impossibly good but it really is incredible and you should try it out. There’s a small link in the left hand navigation clutter that you can follow to check it out. Treat yourself to Firefox, you’ll be glad that you did. In other news I am sooooo having fun playing The Sims 2 on my PC… oh so sucked in… 🙂 ‘Til next time, I remain… -d.

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