May 30th, 2004 - self retitled

self untitled got converted and I’m going to go relax now 🙂 have a pleasant day off tomorrow for those that have it off and remember those for whom the holiday was created…

   May 30th, 2004 - further changes

Updated ‘Nomen est Numen’ to the new format also. Try not to be horribly surprised if I get to at least one other album today.

   May 30th, 2004 - update

converted ‘kid mystic’ to the new album page style and did some tweaks to other pages.

   May 26th, 2004 - new dawn

Just an FYI if you didn’t notice. Switching from Movable Type to WordPress. Let me know what you think!

   May 11th, 2004 - gotcha

Found the css foul up that was causing the individual album pages to display slightly funny and then redid ‘The Late Stuart Davis’, ‘Stuart Davis’, and ‘Bright Apocalypse’ in the new style that the kids all dig.

   May 10th, 2004 - Dharmapalooza 2004

If you didn’t see, has more info on the second coming of the DharmaBrigade, taking place on June 25-27, 2004 in lovely Boulder, CO. For info and a full itinerary follow the magic link.

   May 10th, 2004 - revamp stuff

Going back through album pages and bringing them down from frames to singlepages with internal linking. You can see this on Bell and 16 Nudes.

   May 8th, 2004 - frameless

I actually got off my butt and did a bit of work on the site. As you can probably see, we are now frameless. Now Matt can stop beating me with that rubber hose! Although I was kinda starting to like it… still working on freeing the album sections from frames, for the moment there is a workaround where the menu carries over to individual main album pages. Granted this isn’t ideal, but it will work until I get where I’m going with those. Found (act shocked) that IE was rendering it funny so I did some tweaking to the CSS and now it renders fine in IE and Mozz. Haven’t tested with Opera yet. Whee…

   May 3rd, 2004 - STUTV has all the info.

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