September 27th, 2003 - p.s.

oops on that domain renewal thingy… lol… bad webmaster, no biscuit!

   September 27th, 2003 - i heard a whisper

The new album is available for order over at which is also sporting a lovely new look! Go check it out, the album is divine.

   September 21st, 2003 - bells are ringing

Will sends word of an opportunity to help promote Bell!

Some of us who want to promote Stuart’s new album by leaving postcards in used record stores (or similar places) are going in on a postcard order – we calculated that it was the most economical way to go. We’ve already placed an order for 1,000 cards, so each of us can get 100 cards for $20 each. The cards have been ordered, I’ll be receiving the lot on or about the 29th and then shipping them out to those who’ve signed up.
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   September 20th, 2003 - confirmed tour dates

10.15 Ashland WI, Northland College Alvord Theater 8pm $5 All Ages 715.682.1289
10.16 Duluth MN, Beander’s Central 8pm $10 All Ages 218.624.5957
10.17 Mankato MN, The Coffee Hag 8:30pm $12 All Ages 507.387.5533
10.18 Iowa City IA, Yacht Club, 9pm $10 18+ 319.337.6464
10.19 St Paul MN, Macalester College, 9pm All Ages
10.22 Des Moines IA, Vaudeville Mews, 8pm $10 All Ages
10.23 Rock Island IL, Theo’s Java Club, 8:30pm $10 All Ages 309.788.5282
10.24 Madison WI, Mother Fool’s 8:00pm, $10 All Ages 608.259.1301
10.25 Rockford IL, Kryptonite Bar, 9:30pm, (unconfrmd) 21+
10.26 Minneapolis MN, Fine Line, 8pm, $10 21+ 612.338.8100
10.29 Chicago IL, Uncommon Ground 7 & 9pm, $10 All Ages
10.30 Cedar Falls IA, Hearst Cultural Center, 8pm $10 All Ages 319.273.8641
10.31 Ames IA, Maintenance Shop, 8pm $10 18+ 515.294.2969

   September 17th, 2003 - Bell and Belle

Stu’s cd release tour in support of Bell is being delayed due to the early arrival of Ara Belle Davis. Mother and daughter are doing just fine. Please keep them in your thoughts and/or prayers in the next few weeks. Little Ara is spry and strong and beautiful, all of which are wonderful things. Cheers!

   September 12th, 2003 - menu

menu should target correctly on mozilla now as well as ie. haven’t tested opera or safari/konqi personally but those users are pretty vocal 🙂

   September 5th, 2003 - Correction

In spite of what was said earlier, the new album is now called ‘Bell’. Pay no attention to the monkey behind the keyboard. 🙂 Also new revision of the menu system, please mail me if you come across any issues.

   September 2nd, 2003 - mmm…

Stuart says, “comites, i have a new long-play recording coming out the third week of september, it’s called IS. it’s a collection of 12 individuated-yet-interwoven audio-pods which feature an assembly of signifiers configured over repeating chord structures and melodies. are they better than songs? maybe. come check out it live, on my CD release tour. look to be able to order it soon from Peppermint. more info at love has no opposite, stuart”

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