July 29th, 2003 - Nothing in between us…

Zack sent an updated version of his tab for “Nothing in Between”. Check it out! 🙂

   July 28th, 2003 - Sangha Soiree

I can’t wait to meet more of you out in Boulder for the Sangha Soiree. I’ll be back with some pics and cool stories early next week. Dunno if there’ll be anything to post between now and when the caravan leaves (which would be Thursday). Take care folks!

   July 20th, 2003 - Opera Users Rejoice

Dave pointed out that the menu wasn’t working in Opera 7. This has been fixed.

   July 19th, 2003 - 7-18

Wow, what a great show tonight at the old 400 bar in MPLS. What did you guys think of the new version of ‘Wizard’? My opinion? The ‘I am Love’ section takes it to a whole new level of creepy/funny. Aces, Mr. Davis. Great to see Dave, Nate, Kayla, the one and only Kismet, and of course Marci! I also got to meet the lovely and talented Devon; thought I have no idea what her talents are (the loveliness was self-evident). I had to kiss up, I left her off at first =( A long beautiful, thoughtful, special evening. Can’t wait to see you all again.

   July 16th, 2003 - Strictly for my monks

Just wanted to say I will definitely be at the sangha soiree. YAY!!!

   July 4th, 2003 - update rodeo

Added the (a) versions of Human Girl and Sexy Messiah, also the (a) version of Flower of a Zero simply titled Flower of Zero. Also revised version of the drown tab is available. YAY!

   July 1st, 2003 - Back from the wilds…

Spent a lovely week in Colorado enjoying the sites and sounds. The best part is that I get to go back to be with my sangha brothers and sisters shortly. I completely fell in love with the mountains and I’m afraid it may be a terminal case. *sigh* More news on the Screaming Witness project soon I hope (that’d be Stu, Alex Gibson, and Trip Lanier of HankMadison in case you forgot). Meantime, please enjoy the tab of Drown brought to you by the always gracious Dave.

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