April 26th, 2003 - New Official Bootleg

This months bootleg is a band studio demo from the summer of 1999. Here is what Stuart says about it:

“This is a very interesting recording. Not a live show, but actually a ten song session from 1999 where I went into the Churchyard with Tim Frantzich and recorded these ten songs. I played all the “normal” instruments (Electric / Acoustic Guitars, bass, keyboard, squeeze box) and did the vocals, and Tim Frantzich put together all the drum tracks, using loops and playing some set as well. Sound is studio quality, but the tracks are not mastered, so they don’t have the glossy coat of a finished CD. After we recorded these, I just put them away and forgot about them.”

Track List
1. Chow Down
2. Inventions
3. Sugar Bullets
4. Elizabeth Ascends
5. Penguins
6. Love
7. Nothing In Between
8. Original Face
9. Windmills And Wheatfields
10. The Glimpse (instrumental)

This album will be posted on the website May 1st and as always, you may purchase the entire set (with cover artwork) for $8.00, or buy the songs individually for a buck a piece

   April 21st, 2003 - wizard of isn’t

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hepcats. New version of Wizard is available as an mp3 from ye olde audio section. This would be the new much faster paced ‘down in the greenroom’ version. Enjoy cats and kittens!

   April 18th, 2003 - Echoes

Alex Gibson, famed Hollywood producer (David Lee Roth, Jane’s Addiction, etc.) will be recording all three upcoming Ames shows. Sweeeeeeeeeeet…

   April 14th, 2003 - Welcome…

  • Decided to move dreamusher to its own domain, and you are here! The boards are still on gm right now, but I am almost ready to make the switch to the install of phpbb running here. Enjoy!
  • *update* — using the new boards now, all posts/user accounts transferred.

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