March 25th, 2003 - I’ve got a secret!

  • Oh, baby!

  •    March 22nd, 2003 - uncle seth

  • Hey everyone =) Fixed the Real Audio links, let me know if anything is broken.
  • There has been much discussion of a live album vs. a studio album for Stu’s next effort. Whatcha think? =)

  •    March 20th, 2003 - samsara

  • Regardless of your position, opinion, conjecture on the conflict in Iraq… please pray for, meditate on, and otherwise keep in your thoughts all of those involved.

  •    March 19th, 2003 - roast beef

  • Anyone in the MPLS area who is searching for older Stu albums, don’t forget to hit CHEAPO. Just thought I’d mention it since it has been brought up in emails lately. Cheers…

  •    March 7th, 2003 - put on your boots!

  • Will sends the following exciting news!

    A photo of what you should see if you’ve correctly
    assembled the new official bootleg, which is now
    available on!

  •    March 2nd, 2003 - hellelujah

  • Stuart put on a rugby shirt and proceeded to kick a hole in his silver guitar… and you might have missed it! I was there. Hello to Nate and Dave and Mike and Kayla and all of the other cool folks I got to talk to tonight. Damn my feet hurt from all that standing at the merch area… oh well. Got to see Stu-sy and Enrique and Joel the Evil White Man so its all good. Be well my cats and kittens.

  •    March 1st, 2003 - until the jungle closed

  • Heyla cats and kittens, moving the site to a new server which is quite a bit peppier. Don’t forget, MPLS area folks, Stu-sy Daisy is playing at the 400 tonight! Go, eat, drink, be merry, drink some more, be more merry!!! adieu…

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