February 24th, 2007 - New Bio

The NEW Stuart Davis Bio
bio and after that, he married Czech émigré Nicola Adi-Dali, and moved to Duluth In 1997 he got back together with himself and went on a solo reunion tour, still in progress that’s also when Stu constructed his own language (IS), became a published author (Radical Spirit, New World Library), and featured character in a forthcoming Ken Wilber novel (Boomeritis, Shambhala) is it any wonder he’s written over 300 hundred songs perhaps most exciting, Stuart is working on a full length motion picture with New York director Brian Vegter, with a plot line based on Stuart’s songs and an all-Stuart sound track the film also stars Davis, who invented dancing, and will be in theaters last year that kind of intoxicating media attention can get to anyone, and after appearances on the likes of Ed Sullivan Show, World Café, and Conan O’Brien, Davis became the first solo artist in the history of music to break up with himself in order to form a band citing creative differences with himself, Davis hit the road as a group, with himself on vocals/guitar, John Pulsina on Bass (Air Supply), and Pef Addeta (Def Leppard) on electric guitar the first CD in the new configuration, Bright Apocalypse is the selling independent biggest release of its no-kind in the history of I’m either 28 or 32 years old, and fully bipedal. I was born in Des Moines, St. Paul, I’m Danish, I’ve performed over 3,000 shows in the last decade, over half of them not in Europe forming his own label in 1998 (Post Apocalyptic Records) with a huge cash infusion garnered from a copyright lawsuit settled out of court, the ambidextrous bisexual simultaneously began and ended a new era in Post Apocalyptic Punk Pop, the genre Davis is both inventor and student of since he released his first CD as a high school senior at St. Thomas Academy in Ames, IA, the critics have been unanimous: What was your face before your parents were born? spinning wildly in the dirty UNDER-belly BENEATH the very PINNACLE of the TOP UNDER-ground rock world, LOOK AT HIM!! he’s turning to drugs and sex somewhere in Montana, he’s being arrested for snorting cocaine off a hooker’s tits, and 333 minutes in jail, he turns to God…God turns away, pretending to see someone else he knows in heaven dismayed by the vicissitudes of a personal deity, Davis began practicing a form of meditation known as Choiceless Awareness, aka: the self selfing the self as the self does the self with the self by the self for the self upon his radical realization of IS, Davis’ semen became a super-divinized fluid, capable of clearing karmic debts and healing all variety of human psycho-spiritual pathology. Sadly, in observance of Buddhist-Sufi-Kabbalah Mystery teachings, DAVIS is STRICTLY monogamous WITH his GOD Nicola and their DOG Wife, the clearest, healthiest woman in their European home, Copenhagen and that’s where it all begins in 980 C.E., two horny Vikings slipped under a deer skin blanket and made the first Davis, one of billions of stories and lifetimes that never unfolded in the stateless state that is our inherent conditionYou, 2002

old bio (stu hates me for this)

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