April 3rd, 2010 - Stu on NPR Music

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   March 15th, 2010 - AlbumArtExchange covers Stuart Davis

AlbumArtExchange.com is a collective of music fans who scan album covers in higher resolution than what is typically provided by iTunes, meticulously color-correcting and refining them until they are as close as possible to what the artist intended. Some are also provided in larger dimensions than what iTunes delivers — up to 1000×1000 — in awareness of the ever-expanding sizes of screens and the inevitable need for larger images that this expansion entails.

Stuart Davis’ “silver naked” cover is available in phenomenal quality in 600×600, 800×800, and 1000×1000, and many other of his albums are available in at least 600×600 — including the rare Integral Institute promo CD Get Naked with the New Avant Garde, and even a recreated version of The Late Stuart Davis which was impossible to scan due to the cover being printed on vellum paper. If you search by title (rather than by “Stuart Davis”) you will also find the Stuck on A.M. cover.

The latest additions are 1000×1000, 800×800, and 600×600 covers of ¿What, sourced directly from designer Tanja Niggendijker’s master file. (Thanks Tanja!)

Go to page 1 of Stuart Davis on AlbumArtExchange.com

   December 12th, 2009 - You better be protective/I’m not selective

Found on RapidShare:

Stuart Davis’ live-in-studio performance of “Female Friend” from Radio K, from the 1996 fundraiser CD, Stuck on A.M.. Radio K’s Simon Peter wrote of Stuart’s performance, “This recording became a huge request hit, and we’re endeared to anyone who’d come in and and debut painfully honest material like this, just hours after it was written. Plus, Stuart’s got a supernatural way with syllables and vocab, not unlike two other Minnesota-born lyricists… you know, their names are Bob and Paul,” (referring of course to Zimmerman and Westerberg).

The RapidShare file is in lossless flac format, and contains only this single song, not the full CD. This link will expire after 10 people have downloaded it, so grab it now:

Courtesy of Colorado Daily

The Punk Monk plans special show at departing Boulder venue
By Wendy Kale, kale@coloradodaily.com

Stuart Davis does it all.

The alternative folk-rock artist tours steadily, writes and directs his own cable TV show and now he’s selling his calligraphy paintings.

Davis also appreciates his music community and Friday he’s playing one of the last big shows at the b.side Lounge. The venue will close its doors on Dec. 31, so the Boulder performer’s planned a multimedia concert for his last b.side visit.

Davis always comes up with new and exciting projects, and he was ready to tell the Colorado Daily about his latest creative adventures.

Q: What exciting things are happening with your career?

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   August 26th, 2009 - Dharmapalooza 2009 and New Studio Album

The new newsletter is out with info on this year’s Dharmapalooza and the upcoming studio album (including three fun ways to be a patron of Stuart’s art that are more accessible to everyday fans).  Go check it out!

   May 16th, 2009 - Stu on NPR

Catch Stu’s interview on Weekend Edition @ NPR.

   May 14th, 2009 - Elephant Journal

Waylon of Elephant Journal interviews Stuart about SGRnR and other things.

   April 29th, 2009 - Just Sayin’…

sgn_directvAre you watching?

   April 29th, 2009 - Sex, God, Rock n’ Roll Album on iTunes

Sex, God, Rock n’ Roll: Songs from the TV Series is now available on iTunes!sgrnr_cover

Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll : New Comedy Series Debuts On HDNet

Zen Buddhist-indie rocker Stuart Davis is launching a new comedy series: Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll.  Season One of of this ground-breaking tv show debuts April 26 on HDNet across the U.S. and Canada.  Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll is written, directed, and hosted by Stuart Davis, and features edgy humor from the open-hearted maniac.   Each episode follows Stu performing stand up comedy, news, sketches, and his acclaimed music.  A twisted mind and a sensitive soul, Davis has made a career out of parsing tricky topics, and Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll finds this ‘Punk Monk’ at his multi-faceted best.

“We are excited to welcome Stuart Davis and Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll to HDNet.  Stuart is one of a kind, and we are thrilled he is on HDNet.”

-Mark Cuban, President of HDNet

Davis has studied his heroes (Ricky Gervais, Amy Sedaris, Jon Stewert), but is finding a unique voice with his ‘spiritual’ brand of comedy.  SGR&R is a delirious dive into life’s Mysteries through the mind of a Cosmo-centric comedian.  It’s no wonder Davis has become known as the Twisted Mystic.

“Without exaggeration, Stuart Davis is one of the most fascinating and exceptional songwriters in modern music.”
-San Jose Metro

While Davis is a happily hyphenated artist (writer-director-actor-comedian-songwriter), he’s first known for his music.  The sound track to Season One of SGR&R (‘Songs From The TV Series’) is being released simultaneously with the debut of the tv show.  The first single, Twisted Mystery, hits radio in April and is also featured on Showtime in the series I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single.  Davis will be touring nationally through the summer to promote the TV series and the new collection of pop songs.

“Not since Bob Dylan burst through has Minnesota produced such a confident and creative songwriter and social observer.”
-Minneapolis Star Tribune

Filmed in HD in front of a live audience in Boulder, Colorado (take that, Mork & Mindy!), SGRR will also have a web-based home at www.sexgodrocknroll.com where fans can find exclusive content for members only.   The SGR&R subscription site includes interviews with spiritual figures, unreleased sketches, and regular vlogs from Stu.

“Davis may be the best songwriter you’ve never heard of.”
-Des Moines Register

Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll airs Sundays on HDNet beginning April 26.

“Davis subtly sneaks religious dialogue into popular culture. Most surprisingly, the music is damn good. Critics, you can sigh with relief.”
-Miami New Times

A formal announcement is a couple weeks away, but we can safely tease that singer/songwriter/multimedia-artist Stuart Davis is soon to announce that his television show Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll has found a network and will begin airing in the US and Canada soon!

Stu twittered today that as part of the deal, “This morning I am taking blood, urine, and brain wave tests for insurance for the tv show. I told the doctor my brain is ‘waving, not drowning'”.

Along with the show announcement, expect a mini-concert & debut screening to take place in Stuart’s hometown of Boulder at the Boulder Theater (tentatively planned for May 15th).

When the announcement is made, you’ll find it on www.sexgodrocknroll.com, and we will also repro it here.

“YEAAAAH! You’re about to get pregnant!”*

*with knowledge, we believe

Related news: Part 2 of an audio interview with Stuart Davis is up at personallifemedia.com

Stuart Davis’ June 2007 performance at Immersive Studios, captured in high-def and in surround sound as part of Immersive’s Seven Voices concert series, is at last available as a DVD+CD set. I say “at last” but the truth may be that I just noticed and it was actually released about 4 mo.s ago. Regardless, buy “Stuart Davis Live on the Immersive No. 7 Soundstage” here.


And here’s the commercial for the entire Seven Voices series.

   January 14th, 2009 - Not Another Lifetime

[audio:http://www.dreamusher.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/Not Another Lifetime.mp3]

Audio player is being weird with this file in Firefox, so here’s a link to the upload directory as well:
Not Another Lifetime

   December 13th, 2008 - Levels of Devils, Gradations of God

Fascinating blog post up by our Mr. Davis confronting religion and criticism of religion from the usual transcend and include perspective.  I found it well written and powerful and well worth checking out.

Buddhist Geeks’ Vince Horn and Ryan Oelke interview musician/multimedia-artist Stuart Davis in Episode 98: Stuart Davis: Bodhisattva Rocker.

The 25 minute audio download is available for free from iTunes.

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   December 7th, 2008 - The Colorado Daily does Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis and Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll are the cover story in today’s Colorado Daily! Not this particular today, but a recent today a couple weeks ago. View the story online.

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And that, gentlemen and wild women, is a wrap. This evening, Saturday December 6, marked the sixth and final (for now) recording of Stuart Davis’ Sex God Rock ‘n’ Roll before a live (and oh so pretty) audience in Boulder, CO.

Sex God Rock n Roll with Stuart Davis

Watch the show’s website, sexgodrocknroll.com, for updates on the effort to sell the program to networks here and abroad, and for the upcoming opportunity to buy downloads of the series before it airs anywhere else.

You may also join the Facebook page for Sex God Rock ‘n’ Roll if you’re on Facebook.

   November 6th, 2008 - Behind-the-scenes of Sex, God, Rock n Roll

Recording of the brand new, sleek, sexy, and scintillating comedy news show Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll with Stuart Davis is underway, and there are clips of the making of the first episode on the accompanying website, www.sexgodrocknroll.com.

And a reminder to Boulder CO area fans that tickets are available for each of the upcoming episodes.

Stu dresses appropriately

Also, check out some of the opening credit and commercial-break sequences created by Evan Lentz at Evan’s blog, blog.evanlentz.com.

   October 24th, 2008 - Live filming of Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll

Stuart Davis launches new Boulder-based television series;
Sex, God, & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The show – dedicated to spirituality and entertainment – will be filmed this fall in Boulder, Colorado.   Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll’s format is an hour of comedy, news, and in-depth interviews with spiritual teachers and unconventional icons.   In addition to Davis’ spoken word comedy, cultural commentary, and music,  KEN WILBER will join Stuart via satellite phone in every episode.  Sex, God, Rock ‘n’ Roll is being filmed in broadcast High-Def.  The series will immediately air over dozens of internet channels, and will be shopped to national networks upon completion.  Davis is an ordained Zen monk and acclaimed performer who’s known for a deft rendering of taboo topics in his music, comedy, books, and video.  Sex, God, & Rock ‘n Roll will move the sexual conversation in America beyond the merely puritanical or salacious.  Davis also aims to celebrate America’s unique variety of spiritual depth, which he says goes far beyond the fundamentalism and new age fuzziness it is has been home to.

Episodes and Guests include:

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   September 2nd, 2008 - Stuart at the United Center


Chicago Blackhawks Invite Stuart Davis and Band to Perform at their

Inaugural Chicago Blackhawks Training Camp Festival, Chicago, Illinois

September 20, 2008 Chicago Illinois- For one day only fans can watch Stuart Davis and his band perform live on stage at the United Center on September 20, 2008 at 9:45am – 11:15am at the Chicago Blackhawks first ever Training Camp Festival. The Festival will include a 5K Run/Walk/Skate, a 3-On-3 Street Hockey Tournament and a public Blackhawks Practice, plus live music and an interactive games area. Admission tickets to the festival are $5 and can be purchased online at www.ticketmaster.com or at the United Center Box Office.

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